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IMG_9673 Kali Ma, The Great Exhale. A Full Moon Ritual For November 2016 - I felt it in my hands first. It was a stiffening. My fingers began to uncontrollably tighten. “Breathe,” I typed to my thread of powerful women friends. I felt a buzz, a hum-like flutter in my pelvis. I had felt this on and off throughout the day. I tried to access my tools and came […]
IMG_3358 Your Shadow is Showing. A ritual to celebrate Mabon, the Fall Equinox and Full Harvest Moon - I write this ritual feeling a bit like a kid at christmas.  The Sabbat of Mabon and the Fall Equinox as well as the Full Harvest Moon (with a partial eclipse) are all happening in the next few days, ushering in the turning of the wheel…that mystical moment where for light and shadow are equal […]
design Extra Sensory; The Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual - The sturgeon are not a particularly exotic or glamorous fish. They don’t have a week named after them on the Discovery Channel, they aren’t candy colored or deep water phosphorescent. The sturgeon are however, ancient. These fish go back to primordial oceans, when the planet was swirling and exploding into form. A time before we […]



About Tiffany

In a far away land, long long ago…there was a born a little girl with bad feet.  The doctors told her mom there were two solutions; corrective shoes and ballet to “force” turnout. She got both. That little girl was younger than the other little girls in ballet but she was a “special” case because of her feet and so it was allowed. She was always younger so she had to try harder to keep up with the long willowy girls in their pink tights and elegant lines, and she was “chunky” so when a ballet teacher told her that “ballerinas aren’t built that way,” she was determined to prove herself.  She did.Many years later, I became a ballet dancer.  I was then asked to teach at a young age and realized I was BORN to teach.  I loved it.  I was good, and I was TOUGH. For me, I was still that little girl trying to prove herself, but now I was using other peoples’ bodies to prove how wonderful I could be at “sculpting” a perfect dancer. I wasn’t dancing as much myself, and I began practicing yoga as a way to stay in shape.  It was Ashtanga.  It made sense because it was disciplined, but it HURT because I wasn’t listening.  I was constantly using my ballet brain in a yoga practice, which is basically a recipe for injury. I pushed past my limits constantly.

After several years of practice,I began to explore other forms and I began to discover the spiritual and philosophical elements that my original teacher had never brought into the practice.  I EXHALED.

It ended a chapter of my life.  I quit dance.  I quit teaching, choreographing and performing.  I knew that in order to embrace teaching acceptance, I had to stop teaching perfection.  Its been a 20 year process.  I began my practice at 18.  I’ve been teaching yoga for nearly 10 years. It is the love of my life.  I recently started dancing again, just for pure joy.  It feels like home.

My personal yoga flavor is Vinyasa flow with a heavy dose of alignment cues and spiritualism.  I truly believe that what we practice on the mat is simply a metaphor for daily living. I see yoga as the doorway to the mind and how we live IN this physical body. When we maintain a steady physical asana practice, it can become our own life prescription, our moving meditation, and often the exorcism for the demons of depression, self-doubt and anxiety.


Tiffany Maloney is a small town gypsy, a lover of animals, and a creatrix of things fantastical.  In addition to owning and teaching classes at LoveYoga in Beaumont, Texas, Tiffany is a senior leader with Off The Mat Into The World, and enjoys assisting her mentor teacher Seane Corn in trainings nationwide.  This year, Tiffany was the headlining teacher at the Newtown Yoga Festival, a benefit for Sandy Hook Promises, and was featured at the Southeast Yoga Conference Symposium, speaking on Yoga and Mysticism.


Check this section to be alerted for all upcoming classes, workshops, and happenings.

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Teaching Schedule

LoveYoga in Beaumont, TX

8:45am Vinyasa Flow
4:30pm Acro-Kids Yoga More info


Upcoming Events

LoveYoga India Retreat March 1-15

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Current Workshops

The Yoga of Mysticism (Workshop Weekend Intro Discussion)

Ritual, Practice and Modern Myth
1.5 hours

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Want to get in touch? Drop me a line and I will be in contact as soon as possible.

  • Phone: 409.454.3977
  • Email: tiffany@tiffanymaloneyyoga.com