Current Workshops

The Yoga of Mysticism (Workshop Weekend Intro Discussion)

Ritual, Practice and Modern Myth
1.5 hours

This discussion will explore the way we ritualize our yoga practice based on modern and classic notions of mythology, how myth plays an integral role in our development as a society as a whole, and how we can begin to tap into a deep mystical tradition; one that transcends philosophy or faith; a mysticism that delves deep into our human condition, to truly experience YOGA ( union) with all.

Tiffany’s workshop series “Elemental Asana” incorporates the organic nature within each of us to link ourselves to nature and a Cardinal Direction. This ancient mystic practice includes identifying one’s governing element and once identified, structuring daily ritual practice, meditation and asana in relation to that element. The result is a deep harmonious feeling that comes with being “aligned”. From a mythological standpoint, there is an exploration within each cardinal direction of Archetypal personality.

The psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, used the concept of Archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He believed that universal, mythic characters—archetypes—reside within the collective unconscious of people the world over. Archetypes represent fundamental human motifs of our experience as we evolved; consequentially, they evoke deep emotions. When we access these deep emotions through YOGA ASANA, we can begin to to create a sense of balance and over-all spiritual harmony.



The Rainbow Connection: finding the bridge between the hips and the heart.

In this workshop, we will dive deep into that watery realm of the second chakra. The hips are where we store emotional tension as well as the shadow of shame. As we move through a sequence of poses designed to release deeply held energy, we begin to journey upward into the other realm of emotional feeling; the heart. I heart opening, we learn to be vulnerable. In that vulnerability true connection with all life and all happiness exists. In the heart realm, we meet forgiveness.

Asana and Meditation
1.5 hours



Elemental Asana

: working with the universal laws of nature to align ourselves with the elemental forces of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. In this ritual asana workshop, we will explore both spiritual and archetypal themes at work within us to help us align ourselves with our governing element.

1 hour



Embodying Myth: a yoga workshop for modern gods and goddesses:

A Vinyasa Flow Sequence thematically tied to classical myth and archetypes. As the asana sequence unfolds, the journey of the archetypal gods and goddesses corresponds with the chakra system; thus revealing how we truly embody these myths …these personas, on a very human level.

1.5 hours



Instructions for a Bad Day:

Yoga for processing anxiety, depression and accessing spontaneous fits of joy.
This sacred process is about loosening your grip, putting down the knives, taking that metaphorical “deep breath” and letting go.
Excellent workshop for dealing with grief, both individual and collective.

1.5 hours



Spirit Alchemy:

Transmuting your s#!t into gold through ritual, and honoring the magick of the collective.
In this workshop we will examine the divine, elemental force at work within each of us and how we can, in our very modern lives, reconnect with ancient spiritual practices.
“You can never really be your best self until you find tribe.”

1 hour



Yoga for Dancers

Discussion/Asana/Partner Work
4 hours

This workshop series will consist of a brief introduction to my own personal journey into yoga as a practice from a dancers perspective and how yoga HURT. After years of suffering I finally began listening to the actual teachings of yoga rather than just attempting to “out-asana” the person next to me. That is when I began my true practice.



Stability first!

Understanding the Bhandas and how to use them for safe flexibly – Asana 1.5 hours



Hip Openers and Backbends: ( back the bleep off)!!

The challenge here will be to resist the urge to “dump” into your flexy parts and learn a new sense of skeletal alignment. The good news is, it will create LONGEVITY rather than breakdown. – Alignment talk and asana – 1.5 hours



Acro-Yoga and Partner work:

for you circus dancer types! This workshop includes a challenging, strength building choreographed warm up designed to build your confidence both on and off of the ground! From there, we work in small teams, and collaborate in the spirit of unity and trust to TAKE FLIGHT! — asana and Thai partner massage 1.5 hrs