Full Flower Moon; A Ritual for the Full Moon in May

IMG_0830May flowers; what image comes to mind? Probably not poisened arrows and battle, certainly! May conjures up thoughts of bright blooms and bees heavy with pollen. Lawn parties and the early rituals of summer. This Full Moon, named “the flower moon” and also “the milk moon” by the Native Tribes, represented just that! The mothers of nature with newborn young, and the abundance of spring rains in full bloom! Astrologically, though, this particular flower moon bring with it the ferocity of Mercury the warrior still in retrograde, and the great aim of Capricorn, poised and steady to stand up for justice. All of you who are moved to “fight” for equality, rights, causes…the moon will usher in a time of intense unleashing. Just be mindful, a true warrior can stand up for whats right without violence.

The ritual this month is a beautiful nod to the naming of the moon, both Flower and Milk. in addition, bathing rituals on a full moon are such sacred ways of connecting with the goddess tradition. (For more information on the mystical tradition of the goddess, look for information on my upcoming Mystic Retreat.)

During the day, gather flowers from your garden, your neighborhood or a park (you can also buy flowers of course, but gathering what you are called to is a sacred act). place these flowers in a bolw of cool water on your sacred space. Gather your supplies!

Gathered flowers
Powdered Milk, regular milk, soy or coconut for you vegans! (2 cups)
Oils of sandalwood, rosewood, vetiver, ylang ylang, geranium, rose, cedarwood, jasmine (if you can’t locate all of these oils, dont worry! One or two is fine!)

Once the night has fallen and the light of the full moon is bright, mix your oils (one drop each, 2 max) in a glass (not plastic) mixing vessel, and add to your milk of choice.
Draw a nice hot bath, and add your milk mixture and sprinkle your flowers in the bath. Imagine you are preparing a bath for a goddess! Remove your clothes, and if you are alone (and live in a place where it feels safe) stand in the mirror NAKED. Release any contempt you hold for yourself; for this goddess. Looking into your own eys, repeat this affirmation/incantation:

I speak for the warriors, let there be peace
I speak to the goddess, let conflict cease
The milk will nourish, the water will cleanse, the flowers will bring new life again.

Then step into your Goddess Bath! The milk/oil scent will be relaxing and intoxicating. Luxuriate in the softening of your skin, let the flowers settle over your skin, and imagine that you are bathing outside under the light of the moon.
When you finish your bath, if your mirror is steamed, use your finger and draw whatever symbol or image comes immediately to your mind. this is your spirit glyph for this next lunar cycle.

Happy Enchanting! )0(

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