Extra Sensory; The Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual


The sturgeon are not a particularly exotic or glamorous fish. They don’t have a week named after them on the Discovery Channel, they aren’t candy colored or deep water phosphorescent. The sturgeon are however, ancient. These fish go back to primordial oceans, when the planet was swirling and exploding into form. A time before we were we and there was nothing to differentiate color from sound from vibration. Only water.

The Native Tribes named this moon after the sturgeon because during this month, under the moonlight, the fish could be seen swimming upstream, leaping out of the water often in great schools making net catching possible and healthy for the tribe. The tribes named moons for what they OBSERVED, and in reverence for the fish providing for the tribe. What is interesting to note about this prehistoric creature though is that it has no teeth, limited vision and feeds completely blind. It uses echolocation and energy vibration in the water to sense the time to migrate, and many females only lay eggs after 20 years of age! IMAGINE! To have stood the test of time and drastic environmental changes, to be so tuned into your path and your “school” that you need not sight nor sound but only FEEL to know your next move? That is transcended and where we spend this month’s ritual.

    8 silver candles (if you can’t find silver, use white but consider putting a mitt or plate under each) + matches or lighter
  • Eye Cover/ Eye Mask
  • Ear Plugs or Noise Cancelling Headphones.
  • Ink, bindi or some decoration for 3rd eye

Take your supplies out under the moon and cast a sacred circle or sit and spend some time in meditation, quieting your mind.

Set up your 8 silver candles in holders in whatever arrangement feels the most natural to you ( around your circle, a line, make a fish shape..) and light them.

Plug your ears completely or use headphones and lastly put on eye mask.

Begin to drop deep into your silence here. You are essentially cut off from your senses of vision, of hearing. Try not to speak. What does this make you notice? Go very deeply into your subtle energy forces, your senses beyond your senses. If you are practicing this ritual with a partner, go one at a time. Use your sense of touch. Is it heightened? Help your partner to touch skin, fabric, hair, the heat from the flame. If you are alone, be extremely cautious with the candles!

After a time imagine yourself connecting with others who cannot use their senses. Perhaps spirits from a distant plane? Can you feel them? Touch them? Listen to them? See them? Feel any electricity?

When you have spent time with your human senses turned off and your subtle senses turned up, you begin to widely open the plane of the 6th chakra. The place of seeing beyond sight. Place your bindi, ink, colored powder etc on your center forehead as a symbol of this opening. Gaze at the moon with your visual eyes, take a deep inhale of the night air, pass your hand over the heat of the flame of the candles, and then extinguish them. Smell the smoke, and return to your FULL senses, recharged.


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