Bring the Light! A celebration for the Full Moon in June


Today marks one of those special, ultra mystical days when things just seem to happen all at once right when they need to as if the Universe or god or God or the Goddess or any incarnation of that idea had it planned this way all along. The Summer Solstice (also known as Litha) is aligned with a Full Moon. This happens roughly once every 70 years. As I often mention in my writing, I am a ritualist, not an astrologer, so I will not get into the position of the planets, the fact that this is two Full Moons in Saggitarius, or what that may mean for this month, but I will say that the Full Moon/Solstice alignment has the mystic in me positively entranced. I’ve been diving into my vast library of books on Pagan traditions and ancient cultures, I’ve been mulling over just how to put into words what this month’s ritual can and should be…I feel so full of wonder and enchantment and amazement and connection that I’m actually several days behind in writing! (well, not to mention I was Wanderlusting up in the Green Mountain State with no connection to technology). After much thought and meditation, I’ve come to this; we NEED this right now and the Universe saw it coming. With all of the unrest, violence, darkness and separation, we have been handed this cosmic chance to celebrate the light in both of it’s aspects. The Sun, at his zenith today, represents the life force, the Divine Masculine energy. Traditionally, bale fires were lit and feasts were held. Crops were gathered and stored for the coming winter as the heat began to grow stonger during the summer months. The Sun is also associated with the direction of the South, it’s flames both purifying and destructive. Fire can sterilize a knife or burn down a house, it can stir within you passion to create, or rage to murder.
The Full Moon is also a bringer of light, but only seen in reflection to the light of the sun. Ritually, Full Moons are time of release and letting go. If you are a regular reader of my work, you are familiar with the image of the water vessel being so full that it must be poured out so that it can continue to receive. The Moon is the Divine Feminine. A cooling and mysterious force, balancing the direct and forceful sun. Mystical and magical things are done in the moonlight. She keeps our secrets well hidden and cools the Earth each night before the Sun rises again. The Moon corresponds with the cardinal direction of the North, in opposition (and therefore balance) to the Sun. The North is the fertile Earth, the ancient stones, and our ancestral lines…the deep stirring within that calls you to gaze up and remember.
I say all of this to come back around to WHY this occurance is cosmically important RIGHT NOW. My teacher and dear friend Seane Corn has written:

“To be in the mystery is to surrender all that we think we know and open ourselves to the infinite and limitless reality of being, of presence, THAT is god. Let’s sit and be in the curious place of knowing/not knowing, of that cosmic ineffable illumination that guides all souls home on our eternal quest towards awakening.”

Today, we have this once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the presence of absolute light; Full Sun, Full Moon. In that light, let us invite in the light that is within and within ALL regardless of belief, tribe, religion, past offenses, sexuality, gender, bias, political leanings, creed, dogma, or any other THING that creates separation, because in separation there is fear and darkness. The Universe has given us a fully illuminated night on the longest day of the year. May we celebrate by commiting to being each a light in this too often dark world. Love more. Love Bigger. Share what you have. Create beauty. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be a witness to someones pain. Be a celebrant to someones joy. For this month, and for all days, THAT is the ritual.


…and until we meet again

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