Full Moon Ritual: The Wolf Moon


Today marks the first full moon of 2016, and the traditional name for this moon is The Wolf Moon. Imagine this, on a cold snowy night, you and your tribe are sitting around a crackling fire sharing warmth and a meal. As the fire flickers down and the night closes in you hear a calling in the distance. The sound is haunting and a bit terrifying and yet there is something in the vibration that seems to draw you out away from the safety of the group and into the forrest. The wolves represent our wild nature, our intense desire to go towards the unknown. On a spiritual level, the wolf represents supreme confidence and coming to a place of having faced down one’s fears. When your soul hears that call, will you be ready to venture into the woods to face your own deepest fears and emerge howling with freedom and confidence? That’s Wolf Medicine.

Ritual for the Full Wolf Moon:
What is holding you back? What scares you? What (or who) is lurking in that deep forrest where the magical howl of the wolf is calling you to come closer? Name it. Write it down in your BOS or on a piece of paper. You could even carve it into the side of a candle. Once a fear is named, it looses it’s power. Under the light of the full moon, take your fear (paper, book, candle) and speak it out loud. As you do this, imagine a great wolf coming near. Look this majestic beast in the eyes and ask the wolf to take the fear from you. After you have offered up your fear to the wolf spirit, sit in meditation and listen. You may just hear those ancient cries in the distance as the wolf ancestors accept their offerings, clearing the path for so many. Now step forward.

Happy Howling!

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