Horns Locked; A Ritual for the Full Buck Moon


This Full Moon finds us at a time of conflict and crisis in our world. There is absolutely no denying that turmoil is everywhere, even in the most sleepy towns and peaceful comunities, we are being vibrationaly affected by the violence and anger and separation around us.  We have no doubt all read up on how we, as peaceful citizens, can say and do the right things so as not to contribute to the conflict, and some of us may even have given up all together, stepping into our caves of silence or using other means to numb out from the collective pain. This ritual is about illuminating the conflict between our roots (be they black, white, native american, jewish, etc..) and our direction. There is a sense of emotions bursting forth, and just like the young bucks (for whom this moon was named) we feel a sense of being poised to test our strength and limits, to rub off the soft felt and lock horns with others. The problem with this approach is we are leading with our heads and not our hearts. While I fully embrace the power and energy of the Buck Moon, considering what is happening in our world right now, and that this particular moon is in Capricorn (a firey sign that pushes through with majestic horns), we need to dial back that buck energy and offer our softer side. We need to be reminded that we are a tribe of ONE, not sparring partners; that there is strength in the herd. Rather than locking horns, let us gently rub off the felt and be prepared to defend our strength of purpose…to LOVE.


  • A crystal or stone
  • A Feather
  • Chalice or bowl of water (2)
  • Yellow or orange candle
  • Black candle
  • White candle
  • Shed buck horns (real, syntehtic, or even a photo of a young horned deer or elk)


Cast a sacred circle.  You can do this with energy, or with salt. Begin at the cardinal point of the North. Once the circle is cast, place your stone or crystal at the North, the feather at the East, the yellow candle at the South, the bowl of water at the West.

In the center, place your black candle, your white candle (both unlit), your second bowl of water, and your horns. Sit inside of the circle, the water and horns in front of you, the black candle to the left and white candle to the right (this represents balance of light and shadow).


Close your eyes and still your mind.  See yourself in a dense wooded area. It’s thick and green and smells of Earth and moss. LISTEN. With your mind, begin to call in the energy of the young buck. Imagine his attributes, his newly emerging horns, his confidence and agility. Call him forth. when he fully appears in your mind, , sit with him for a moment. Look him deeply in the eyes; really take him in. Without words, only your mind, invite his energy into your body.

Slowly, without loosing focus, open your eyes and light the white candle to your right. Gaze at it and see all the aspects of the young buch that you have called in.  See the assertiveness, energy, exuberance, strength and resilience.

Close your eyes again. Drop deeply back into the woods. It’s thicker and darker now, and smells of distant fires.  The air is cooler. Call in the mighty buck.  Fully grown now with a majestic rack of horns, grown over seasons…he has been hunted. He has survived. With your mind, call him forth. When he arrives, again sit with him. You will feel different sensations with the mighty buck than with the young buck. The mighty buck brings wisdom medicine.

Remeaining in your meditation, gently open your eyes and light the black candle to your left. Invite in all of the qualities you wish to grow into; wisdom, quiet authority, confidence, fierce beauty in the face of danger.

Pour a bit of wax from your white candle and from the black candle into the bowl of water in front of you, release your circle beginning at the North and moving widdershins (counterclockwise), then place the lit black and white candles and the horns on your alter or sacred space.  Take your vessel of water with the wax drops out into the Full Moon light. With the spirit of the Mighty Buck still within you, hold it high and repeat this incantation three times (aloud or silently)




Leave the wather outside under the moonlight to fully charge and add it to your bath the following day to fully seal your work.


Happy Enchanting )0(

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