“I get a little warm in my heart when I think of Winter” A Ritual For The Full Snow Moon

Snow Moon
Artist Unknown

Snow Moon Artist Unknown

“When you gonna make up your mind? When you gonna love you as much as I do?  – Tori Amos

It’s always nearly impossible for me to talk or write about winter without this song playing in my head.  When I was a girl, (well, a teenager to be exact) and my exploration of my shadow self was really just beginning, I listened to this on repeat for days and days.  I wanted so badly to be swept up by those white horses and carried out into a place where there was a stillness…a silence where I could make up my mind to love myself. Here I stand, a 40 year old woman, and I can attest that the white horses have come in the guise of relationships, addictions, body punishing disciplines, utter disregard for my health, fear, love, friends, mentors, death.  The white horses have many names. One thing I know to be true, each one will lead you deeper into the winter of your own soul, the silent white abyss where the quiet snowfall lends a kind of cushion to everything. It’s here, in this hush before the rustling of new growth that you plant that seed of love and honor for yourself.  This month in my classes, I have been emphasizing the practice of seated meditation.  The exploration of the quiet space of the mind.  The mind is an utter battlefield.  Flashes of memory, imangined fears, latent perception and trauma; they all live here.  In order for meditation to be an effective tool in harnasing your own personal power source and connection to divine understanding, you must first be able to navigate the battlefield.  This month’s ritual for the Snow Moon should help.


Ritual Supplies

A comfortable seat

Incence (I prefer to burn Frankencence and Myhrr resin or Nag Champa)

A grounding stone to hold in your non-dominant hand (deep meditation can tend to send you up into the ether, the grounding stone keeps you in your body)


The Ritual Meditation

Light your incense and come to a comfortable seat.  If you live in and area where there is snow on the ground, try to arrange for your seat to be facing a window so you can spend some time gazing at the soft, white blanket and sit in silence.  If you live in a warm climate like me, surround your sacred space with white candles or quartz crystals.

The energy of the full moon is potent for three full days, the day before, the day of and the day after the actual full moon (which is today, February 22). Take a moment and visualize your seated position in a macro sense.  You are one small yet signifcant being, on this magnificent planet.  At this very moment, the sun is on one side while the moon is on the opposite.  This astrological alignment happens monthly, and allows the sun to fully light up our moon.  This is the time of illumination. Take your grounding stone into your non-dominant hand and allow the weight of it to intensify.  Allow your eyes to close naturally. As you come into stillness, observe the chatter and chaos of your mind like a flurry of snowflakes and begin to let it settle, in fact, if you are a powerful manifestor, WILL IT to settle. Once the snowstorm of your mind begins to calm, watch your breath and continue to look deep into the white abyss. Hear the hush. Anything that comes into your quiet space or iterrupts the beautiful blanket of pure white, give it back to god in peace.  It’s time to release it now. Full Moon days are always a time to release, and ritually there are many ways to do this.  Releasing during a meditation takes practice, but once you experience it, you can incorporate it into daily life!  Anytime you feel the minefield is too much, anytime you feel that your energy is scattered to the winds and you can’t quite be still in your body, you can simply close your eyes and relese what isn’t needed.  Ritual is everyday living, Full Moons, New Moons and other mystically significant times just add a little oomph to your work.

When you feel ready to slowly come out of your meditation, bring your attention first to the grounding stone. You have been on a journey.  Bring yourself fully back in to your physical body.  Gradually open your eyes.  Allow any candles or incense to continue to burn, taking what you have released out into the ether with the smoke. And it is done.

Happy Enchanting, my mystics )0(


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