Kali Ma, The Great Exhale. A Full Moon Ritual For November 2016


IMG_9673I felt it in my hands first. It was a stiffening. My fingers began to uncontrollably tighten. “Breathe,” I typed to my thread of powerful women friends. I felt a buzz, a hum-like flutter in my pelvis. I had felt this on and off throughout the day. I tried to access my tools and came to a quick understanding that what I was feeling was my 1st Chakra. Survival. It was in FULL OVERACTIVE TRAUMA. From that deepest point within my physical form, I felt a roar. I felt a full face scream of a roar and the hissed KALI-MA came out of my mouth as if somehow the harder i pushed, the more the map on the screen would wash blue and the unthinkable nightmare would stop. I pushed, I hissed, I wept.

As a spiritualist, I am fortunate to have an amazing network of allies in my life who will come together in dark times and form a raft. In the days following November 8th, the spiritual light raft has been amazing to watch, as a ritualist, it has been a fierce lesson. Knowing that this month, just days after this historic-any-way-you-slice-it election would be a full moon that would be closest to Earth since the 1940’s had me reeling. If you are a regular reader of my blogs or a witchy-moon type yourself, I am quite sure you were expeting a much different outcome. This was supposed to be the YEAR OF THE GIRL, this was the SEASON OF THE WITCH, this was when the girls of the 1950’s got to finally stick it to the boss/husband/father who told them they were second best. THIS was the year we would prove that America was evolving. And we were SO READY. It has taken many days, many hours of silence, of talking to gods and nature and my soul to find the grace in this, and my soul speaks again KALI-MA. KALI comes in fierce. She is the eternal dark formless to the Absolute light. Kali, being absolute darkness, absorpbs all darkness. Now, I could write a dissertation on Kali symbolism, but this is a Full Moon Ritual and I certainly don’t want to veer too far off course, but I had to set that clearly up because this is a ritual for Kali. Ma Kali has blessed us with a divine gift. She has swallowed up all of the darkness, as only she can. She has removed the illusion so the path can now be fully illuminalted by all of our COLLECTIVE RISING LIGHT. In other words, it takes a collision to create a black hole, and a black hole to create a new universe. Time to create, witches!

Vessel of Water and one empty vessel (two bowls or two glasses)
Crystal or Stone/ Rock, or Bone
Feather or Incense
5 Candles:
use what you have, but for this ritual I am using a Saint Muetrte, two blue candles, one red candle, and a gaurdian angel candle

Unless it is raining, do your work outside under the moon tonight or tomorrow. Kali is “sky-clad” or clothed in space (very Gaga of her), so if you feel safe, protected and comfortable, get naked! In her absolute primordial nakedness, Kali is free from all covering of illusion. (IF you happen to have a garland of skulls, throw that on, but otherwise… no accessories needed).

Cast your sacred circle:
Beginning at the Cardinal Point of the East, place the feather or incence there with a prayer to the spirit of air and communication (allow the words to flow through you)

Prayer the the South, the element of fire and transformation. Place your red candle there.

Prayer to the West and the element of water and the bringer of life, Place your full vessel of water there.

Prayer to the North and the element of Earth and our ancestral mother. Place your crystal, stone rock or bone there.

Come into the center of the circle, hold up the mirror to catch the reflection of the moon. Feel the vibration and energy of the moonlight move through you. Call upon the tripple Goddess in the guise of Kali. Activity, Desire and Rest. (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) repeating this incantation:

Kali Ma, Kali Ma, jnana shakti, Kali Ma.
Through your darkness and with your sword, the wheel of life on its own accord.
Dark Mother swallow up all the night, from the deepest wound comes our brightest light.

Then take the mirror, light from the full moon captured, and place it onder your empty vessel of water. Lift up the full vessel of water, letting it catch the moonlight. Pour all of it into the empty vessel. This is symbolic of Kali bringing divine balance. Kali destroys when there is too much, and she destroys when there is too little. In this way, Kali brings her fierce lessons when we need to be reminded of

Returning to the center, light your other 4 candles each with an intention to release or transmute a darkness into light. For instance, I am lighting my Gaurdian Angel candle to release any residual doubt i have in my spirit, I am lighting the two blue candles for the two deeply divided political parties in the country, and my Saint Muerte (saint of death) candle to wash clean all darkness (much like Kali). With each lit candle, hold it high. See yourself as Dark Mother, as Kali Ma. The light from the flame only illuminated BECAUSE of your consuming darkness. After each has been lifted, sit in front of them and meditate on the flames. These are the flickers of creation. Let your mind become still. Find the eternal illumination from within and without. Kali grants this wisdom, this illumination of the inner world. That is Kali’s grace.


There is a light on inside of your house. Don’t you dare turn it off.

Happy Enchanting!

*leave your water o the mirror out under the moonlight to charge, along with your crystals! If it is safe, Keep all candles burning on your sacred space until they naturally burn down. Close your sacred circle from N to W to S to E in prayer and thanks*

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