Of Gods and Earthworms: Full Moon Ritual and Meditation for March 23, 2016

Photo by
Dree Caloobanan

Photo by Dree Caloobanan

When you call to mind the image of the lowly earthworm tracing it’s way through softened Spring soil, you may not immediately think of a transcendental experience, but hear me out. This month, the Full Moon is known as The Worm Moon. The Native Algonquins saw the earthworms emerging and thus the spring birds followed. Shortly thereafter the spring crops began to flower and flourish and the days were longer providing warmth and life. The earthworm castings provide an extremely nutrient rich environment for the soil, and their narrow tunnels beneath the ground provide natures’ own aeration system. This amazing cycle of Spring was celebrated by naming the moon after the lowliest of creatures, thus bringing me to my point. Be the earthworm. Still with me? We can so often get caught up in the “bigness” of human life. We are so self-important, and it is easy to be when we look at all of the amazing technologies our species is responsible for. We can cure diseases, we can have information at our fingertips instantaneously, we can identify ourselves to our mini-computers using our fingerprints and put people in space! With all of this knowledge in our back pockets, it is very easy to be the barn cat that eats the spring robin that eats the earthworm. Be the earthworm. 

This brings me to the ritual for the month. As I’ve written about much in past blogs, Full Moons are about shedding, releasing, and casting off all that which is no longer serving you or any energetic baggage that you may be holding on to from the past lunar cycle. Full moons are the overflowing glass of champagne and we need to tip a little out to the Goddess, drink up the sparkle and prepare ourselves to be fully open to new possibilities. Like the humble earthworm, if we empty ourselves of ego and take a moment to marvel in the wonder and vastness of the universe at play, we can see how significant our smallness is. Everything we cast off, like the castings of the earthworm feeding the soil, feeds the universal consciousness. When we ritually cast off a burden or a relationship or an addiction or even a particular way of thinking about ourselves or our future, we CHANGE THE COURSE OF OUR FUTURE. We, the tiny humans in this VAST GIGANTIC UNIVERSE can change our destiny and the energetic course of our planet. When many of us collectively cast off old habits and old ways of thinking and set intentions for compassion, love, nurture and responsible practices, the state of the environment can change. The ritual that follows is part meditation, and part offering. Let’s start by gathering what you will need:


Ritual Supplies:
A garden pot
ORGANIC (non-fertilized) potting soil
1 candle (green, yellow or other color that represents Spring to you)
Glass of wine or beverage of your choice preferably one that is made from a plant!
Small box or other container that you will place on your alter or sacred space after the ritual.

This meditation can be done at ANY TIME and not just on this day on this full moon. Perhaps this can be a wonderful time to start this meditation, and add it into your weekly practice. Find a comfortable seat or even get settled lying down under the sky outdoors if weather permits. If you are outdoors, gaze up at the sky and quiet your mind, watching the clouds or the stars. Just simply watch. If you are indoors, close your eyes and imaging being under a clear starry sky. Begin the process of “retraction”. Take your mind to the absolute farthest, most remote place you possibly can. past the edge of the universe and past the edge of the galaxy. Once you are there, gaze back towards Earth. Is it even imaginable that humans could be so important? The Earth, from this perspective, is a microscopic dot amongst billions of dots. Look around. What do you see? Hundreds of galaxies like our own? Other planets that can sustain life? Creation and destruction happening in every moment? Get lost in it. Begin to count down from 108. As you count down, draw slowly closer in towards yourself. Enter the Milky Way and see the planets. Keep counting. See The sun and its’ brilliance, see Earth and it’s textures and the hues. Feel, as you see your home planet, you place in the big picture. Keep counting. Hover closer and see the moon. Feel the gravity of the moon in her fullness and be drawn closer now in towards your body. Gently enter the atmosphere and like a skydiver touching down, feel the rush of wind against your skin , 3, 2,1. Hold you mind steady and ground. Place your hands on the floor in front of you. Open your eyes. Take in a deep breath and really take in the sensation of BEING in your human body, on this planet, in this moment. In these last few breaths, realize that this journey you have just taken is the very aware and conscious journey of the soul. From the Universal Consciousness to human awareness, or in other words, from god to earthworm. Is one more magnificent than the other? Here’s the A-HA moment…They are the same.


And now for The Ritual:
Under the glow of the full moon, gather your supplies and if it is possible to be outdoors, set up on a clear space of ground under the night sky where you can have your seat on the earth. If it is cold or raining and you need to set up indoors, place your ritual items outdoors for a few hours to soak up some full moon energy!

Begin by lighting the candle to represent the light of Spring and life.

Start filling the pot or bowl with organic soil WITH YOUR HANDS. As you do this, repeat the following incantation:

“I am the flow, I am the ebb, I am the weaver, I am the web.” X3

Once the container is full and the incantation has been said. Dig your hands deep into the dirt. Cast into it your burden, your energetic discharge, all that you wish to shed from your psyche from winter. See your fingers as the earthworm extensions of yourself, aerating the soil, feeding it with nutrients of everything you have learned and the ways in which you have grown. Visualize the intentions that will bloom at the New Moon being fed from this nourished soil.

Take up you wine. Offer the glass up to the moon with gratitude. Pour a bit into the soil in acknowledgement of the full, overflowing nature of the Full Moon. As you enjoy your glass, take a bit of the soil from the large container and put it in the small box. When complete, Put this small box of Sacred soil on your alter to be used in the NEW MOON ritual 2 weeks from now! As for the soil, head out to the garden center tomorrow and allow your spirit to guide you to a plant. It will FLOURISH in this blessed soil!

Happy Full Moon and HAPPY ENCHANTING!
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