Take a Little Piece of My Heart; A Forgiveness Ritual on the Full Pink Moon in Scorpio



We stand on the full precipice of Spring. The winter snows are melting and the rains are coming.  This months’ Full Moon is in Scorpio, a dry and earthy sign which creates some balance to the moony watery monsoon of feelings that this Full Moon may be ushering your way.  Again, if you are a regular reader of my rituals, you know that I am not an astrologer, but I do consult the position of the planets and consider the universe at work as I draw into what needs to be done in order to achieve harmony within.

The Spring brings with it a particular vibration.  It is the “buzz” or hum of rebirth and new life.  This is not new-age lip service.  Go outside.  Look at the haze in the air.  The vibrant yellow/green of new leaves and blooming flowers holds the same vibration as the heart chakra (anahata).  On the light spectrum, certain colors hold certain vibrations and those vibrations are translated into sound (wave length) i.e. ENERGY. With me? It’s science. So we add that physics to the energy of the planetary forces at work (metaphysics), and we humans are at the mercy of some gigantic universal magic.  It is beautiful, enormous and at the same time, so organic and simple. This ritual is all about harnasing the power of the spring vibration, the dry earthy sting of Scorpio, and the releasing energy of the Full Pink Moon to align yourself fully with the cosmos and step into true forgiveness from the heart. Let’s proceed!

The energy of the Full Moon is potent for full three days surrounding the total fullness.  The actual Full Moon is Friday, April 22. This ritual is best done as a solitary ritual, but can be done with others.  I also encourage doing your Full Moon rituals outdoors under the light of the moon, and you will really feel the reflective power and pull.  However, ritual is anything that you consciously do to connect yourself to something bigger than yourself, with reverence and intention, so your ritual can be done any time of day, as elaborately or as simply as it is possible for you! Sometimes my ritual just happens in my mind.


Pink flowers or flower petals (gathered if possible from garden or field.  This is a sacrifice, so as you pluck, offer thanks to the earth for providing such beauty)

A small potato (any variety)

A pen, marker or Athame (ceremonial knife)

Black Paint or Marker



In this ritual, we are harnassing the vibration of Spring that corresponds to the Heart Chakra, the Anahata, which also is connected to the colors pink and green on the color spectrum.  Ideally, sitting on green grass under the fully lit moon, gather your pink flowers or flower petals that you have picked as a sacrifical offering from the Earth.  Take your potato and other supplies with you.

  1. Cast a Circle: Using the flowers, make a circle starting at the North, the cardinal direction of Earth and call in the Scorpion. moving clockwise, make your circle.
  2. Sitting within your sacred circle, hold your potato and feel the moonlight. Close your eyes and imagine that this potato is your living, beating heart. “Heartbreak” is real.  It is tangible.  As you hold your own heart so carefully, aske the moon to draw down into this heart all of your sorrow, your heartbreaks, your anger.  What do you really need to forgive? The sting of the scorpion is the poision of resentment. Meditate/visualize the scorpion stinging the heart. (CAUTION! If you are a powerful manifester, and well practiced in this type of work, keep your eyes open as you do this. It is not impossible that a stinging insect could make an appearance)
  3. Without hesitation, begin to write or carve your heartbreaks, your angers, your venom into / onto your potato (heart). when you are finished, paint or sharpie it black.  Doing so is a a metaphor for being ready to close the door.
  4. Dig. Inside you sacred circle (or in a pot if you are doing this indoors) dig deep and bury the potato/heart. Repeating this incantation as you do:
  5. “Pierce my heart, let it bleed. What is not finished, return to seed. I forgive and I release.” (x 3)
  6. Exhale and smile under the ight of the moon and feel it smile back at you! Whatever “sprouts” from this mystical ritual is up to the universe. There may be some heartbreaks that are cosmically still at play and are not completely ready to be forgiven. Those will sprout and the Universe will see fit to work those lessons back into your life. If there are no sprouts…congratulations! Done and Done! Either way, all is as it sould be. We are on this crazy merry-go-round to learn one thing, LOVE. in orderto learn what love is, we must embrace what love is not.  Sometimes the Scorpion sting is a wakeup call to give thanks for the lessons.
  7. Dismiss the circle by sweeping the petals counterclockwise and leave them under the moonlight.

Happy Enchanting! )0(


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